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carolyn & ross: a bold modern wedding photographed in downtown Toronto

Modern love in the big smoke. Here are these two lovelies again, swept up in the buzz and buoyancy of their wedding day. Remember them from a couple blogs ago? https://knorthphotography.ca/blog/carolyn-ross-two-stunners-in-love-under-the-skyway-a-burlington-shoot-for-lovers/ Hearts in love and time on their side, Carolyn & Ross are brave and decisive, as any couple has to be to locate their wedding in Toronto’s core these days. check this out: Ross endured an hour long limo ride from Mississauga to the east end, blindfolded!  A. Nerves of steel. B. Love has no bounds.

I’m honestly inspired the willingness and ease these two have together – no glitches in the day were ever going to phase them. No Saturday afternoon gridlock on the Gardiner Expressway. No wedding dress conundrums. No unforeseen security constraints at a portrait location.

This of course is how it should be.

These two are wise enough to keep their focus on what matters most. Love. Friendship. Celebration. Gratitude. This day was all about those things.

A church full of support and encouragement. A great big posse of a wedding party, seriously ready for anything. Then finally, a luxurious room of warm light, sweet rhythms and smiling folk – a place to settle into. The Rosewater Room https://rosewaterroom.com/  neatly tucked into Toronto’s downtown, knows how to do it up right. Elegant, modern, stylish, but not over the top. Because it’s not about the four walls, or the centrepieces, or the cake toppers (though these things can matter too). It’s about the people in the room. This vibrant celebration was all about the people in the room.

Go get it C&R – you deserve all the happiness you’ve built for yourselves. xo