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carolyn & ross: two stunners in love under the skyway, a Burlington shoot for lovers

This shoot with Carolyn & Ross started in my dreams…all those long drives over the Burlington Skyway to visit my family over Niagara way…all those slow sunsets bathing the bridges and buildings in honey lights. So many times I’ve stopped to shoot a few frames and then longed for a subject to insert into the madness. When these two agreed to come along and stomp with me through the dust and puddles under bridges and highways, past smelly barges and headlong into an industrial landscape wearing their finest, I was like: these images that have lived in my head all this time better look as good on the outside.!  And how lucky am I, given the trust and generosity of this couple, plus their super stylish and spirited way..? The late evening sun all out in it’s glory…and the sweet relief of a once-in-a-while breeze..and most crucial to the vibe of these pics, the deep soul-mate connection that lives within the hearts of these two beautiful people.

Thank you Carolyn & Ross. Wedding day here we come…