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Ivona’s bridal shower: a roomful of spunky ladies and tablefuls of treats

Do you enjoy desserts? That really is the question here because, save for the nice lunch, a few spirited party games and some prizes, oh and of course, the very lovely bride 😀 – all this event is really about are the desserts. Every shape and size, modern and traditional, sweet with salt, sweet with sour, buttery sweet, sugar on pastry, sugar on custard, pink icing, pink macaroons, chocolate and caramel and rice krispies with gold flecks! a carousel of cupcakes! caramel corn and baklava! There was no end to it. I could hardly believe my eyes. the smell of sugar in the room was so distracting I could barely stay focused on doing my job – a career challenge I had not considered before.

Anyhow, aside from the overwhelming sweetness of the dessert tables, it was also a room of sweet adoring love for the bride-to-be. My favourite photo-ops? A certain cherubic firecracker in pink who kept stealing the show all afternoon. The ‘what’s in your purse’ game (hilarious). And of course, the pure joy of the lady who won the Kate Spade handbag.

Fun. and games. Yum.