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michelle & reece: a fantastic family farm wedding in Middlesex County

A great big farm wedding in the rolling acreage of Ailsa Craig. A sunshiney backyard party for a country girl and a raver. Michelle & Reece.

Maybe you remember another wedding on my blog from Ailsa Craig, Michelle’s sister Jackie and her ‘shuckboy’ (you’ll see him in the photos) husband, Mark? https://knorthphotography.ca/blog/jacalyn-mark-a-homegrown-wedding-day-in-the-rolling-countryside-of-ailsa-craig. Well, here we are again, at their dad’s beloved hobby farm, populating the hangar with tablefuls of festivities, filling the woods with love & promises and shaking up the land with some serious yard party enthusiasm. These two pack a punch with their combined charm, ambition and adorability. They have an ease together. Their friends abound. Murray the dad, a retired helicopter pilot, spares nothing in planning for these events (in fact he now rents his place out for farm weddings under the moniker Triple Nickel Wedding Venue https://www.kijiji.ca/v-wedding-service/london/wedding-venue/1111315892). I remember how last time he cleared the woods and built a chapel’s worth of outdoor pews. Well this time he arranges for both the groom & groomsmen and the bride and her maids of honour to be flown into the ceremony by whirlybird. No joke. I must say, no one is bored at this wedding! Everyone is doing something – either engaged in the DIY-ness of it all, or otherwise in something pure fun or pure ridiculous, or both. What a bunch of party animals, I love it. Everywhere I turn there’s something to keep my photographer mind on it’s photojournalistic toes.

Michelle’s dress https://palomablanca.com/ is just so dreamy, and suits her to perfection. I think everyone is mystified by the vision of her. And those flower headbands!!? https://www.springhillflowers.com/ Everything comes back around, am I right? Reece is so steady and go-with-the-flow, but still blushes when he locks gaze with his new wife, or when his brother speaks a tender word. He seems steeped in the very moment as it moves. I can’t believe my luck at finding this bright red barn, this old dusty road, this field of yellow. I can’t believe my luck at being photographer for this particular family history. But I’ve learned it isn’t luck if it’s meant to be.

This one is meant to be M&R. Sweet days and fruitful years.

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