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tenisha & akeeno: a Canada Day wedding in the GTA

Location location location. I love a great location. I can easily spend a full day travelling in concentric circles looking for the best possible site for an interesting shoot. Especially when my subjects are game for whatever. But while they say location is everything–it clearly isn’t. Natural beauty, personality, style, charisma–these things all matter in my work as well. Tenisha & Akeeno have all of these qualities in spades—separately and together. But especially together. It’s almost too much, what a beautiful couple they make.

Anyway–no need to belabour the point. The proof is in the pictures.

We started the day at the top of Tenisha’s building in an almost empty apartment, furnished just enough to accommodate her and her bridesmaids. Sparse and glowing with window light. A roomful of love & support, and flat out gorgeousness, with Tenisha’s super-lovely  mom, Semone, overseeing every last detail. Nicknamed nightshirts. A row of make-up tables. Amenities in the case of anything.

Akeeno and his guys dove into their suits and ties–all smiles and ready for church.

The Church, called Kennedy Road Tabernacle, is as it turns out, a grandiose 2-tiered theatre decked out with blue lights and Canadian flags. It’s a spectacle, orchestrated by a small minister with a gigantic personality. Funny and honest.

Then a quick stop in the park under rainy skies–we steal some family portraits under cover of a willow tree. Next stop, a container yard (where else?) for some pics against the multi-coloured, multi-tiered backdrop of Brampton’s industrial landscape. Finally, a brief pause at an abandoned corner somewhere between the 3 big highways. I’ll admit, these are my favourites. The detailed texture of the wheat fields under darkening clouds. The power lines trailing from tower to tower, like a life line dangled between the hands of mechanical monsters. The suggestion of a breeze. And how all of these impressions merge and fade behind the exquisiteness of Tenisha and Akeeno.

So, yes, many locations. So much fun. So much variety.

But ultimately, it was you T & A who made this wedding such a wonderful one to photograph.

Wishing you endless years of easy days together. xo

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