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kate & paul: a barn party wedding in glorious Grey County

Hello Grey County. Smother us in your endless green grasses and bathe us with your Georgian waves and riverflows. We stand small under your breathtaking bluffs, your boundless vistas, in short, your beauty. Kiss this wedding with sunshine.

And so you do.

Words cannot express how in love with this land I am.

And so, to do the work that I do, surrounded by the willows and orchards and breezy meadows of this region–how can I not get caught up in it?

Kate & Paul met skiing here in the Blue Mountains. Paul’s family lives more or less across the road from Kate’s, and literally across the road from their dearest friends and the owners of this barn and the magnificent property that goes along with it. They spent the past year or so cleaning up the space, building what needed to be built and electrifying the whole structure–transforming the place into an event venue that would fit into everyone’s vision of what a barn party ought to be. I believe everyone agrees, it did not disappoint.

The barn interior was strung with glowing lights, wildflowers barely contained themselves in their tiny vases, handsewn bunting flapped against the splitrails.  Guests were free to wander, play yard games, stroll the bridge to the pond, and the ceremony site. Then back again, with full smiles and refreshments waiting. Plentiful liquids of varying potencies.

A customized pink cava for every table. #alldayrose. Relentlessly blue skies and a roster of rowdy groomsmen, ready to kick up whatever was left of the barn dust. Heartfelt hugs from the bridal party and the sweet faces of siblings as the moments sink in.

Favourite moments? Kate, glancing backward, exquisite in her freckled Meryl-Streepish loveliness. Parent speeches, and all the yoo-hoos from the crowd. Folks draped over the railings in the barn loft to watch. And of course, Paul, maniacally pounding out piano parts with the band well into the dancing portion of the night (sorry no photos here, I had to save something to be seen later).

What a completely special day in the most personal and heartfelt of ways–and seriously, what a night. Like one great big apres-ski in the middle of the summer.

Kudos and happiness and a million adventures upon both of you Kate & Paul. xo

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