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kate & raj: wedding #2 at Toronto’s Berkeley Fieldhouse!!

These two are old hat at this now, after last year’s 3-day wedding marathon in Kolkata. Nevertheless, this wedding was the one we first met over–this was the one they always expected me to capture for them. Now, having met so many of their family & friends, shooting Kate & Raj’s Toronto wedding was truly like attending a wedding as a guest with a big camera in my hands–and I suppose, less to drink  : )

What a perfectly breezy, comfortably happy day.

Bride and groom got themselves spiffed in separate spaces: Kate jumping into her bohemian haute couture, so cute and fun (like her!) and then accessorizing with a necklace and earrings made from tanzanite–a special gift from her geologist father. Wow. The Man of Honour, Ronak, also gets a pair of tanzanite cufflinks–precious gems for everyone!! I love it.  Raj ties his own bowtie with nerves of steel and practically skips his suited up self down the sidewalk to greet his bride to be (for the second time round) and bring her her bouquet. There is no pretense, no jitters, no agitation–just a dreamy kiss on the sidewalk and away we go to take some portraits. Easy. Like I said, they’ve had practise.

We can’t resist using Underpass Park for a few orchestrated pics surrounded by art and skaters and basketball and concrete–plus it’s right in the neighbourhood and why resist the obvious? These two are game–we know this. After that we head to Cherry Beach, another stomping ground for Kate & Raj (keeping it relevant) and shoot some luxuriating under the trees. Then we’re joined by the very individualistic bridal party–no matching outfits here–for some shooting under a light rain and finally a last stop at Poulson Pier. Roll it on out people–Berkeley Street here we come.

An excited crowd of familiar faces awaits, and when cued, swiftly falls into place to watch the friendly formalities unfold. The proceedings are led by a well-spoken judge, the father of Kate’s best and childhood friend. So it’s deeply personal and heartfelt–and the vows, both sweet and sincere, thought provoking and laugh inducing. These two have a way with words and ways. It’s a beautiful thing how carefully they hold each other’s hearts.

The Fieldhouse never fails to impress with it’s exquisite charm. It’s an airy and yet warm space, rustic and weathered but also clean–a well honed balance. I enjoy featuring these chandeliers in the shots. The succulents and splashes of deep yellow, crisp white tablecloths and handwritten names on river stone all combine to give a cool and living freshness to the candlelit scene. I believe it was Kate’s aunt who crafted almost 200 napkins from a soft African fabric, adding a very personal touch to an already pleasant atmosphere.

Cocktail heaven. Tables brimming with deliciousness.

Well-considered speeches and brilliant audience reactions. Hugs and advice, gratitude and applause, humour and honesty and well, happiness.

So many smiling faces–this is the sheerness of it all. Enthusiasm abounds in support of this couple.

It was a wild ride Kate & Raj–so many many thank you’s for bringing me along. Cheers to the years. xo

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