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sweet MJ and her folks : a family portrait walk on the Junction Railpath

Here’s a little peek at a happy family making their way through the early years of parenthood. I shot Carolyn & Grant’s beautiful vineyard wedding back in 2003 https://knorthphotography.ca/blog/wedding-ravine-vineyard-niagara/ . Then the arrival of Mary-Jane last year in April  https://knorthphotography.ca/blog/baby-mj-a-teeny-tiny-newborn-wakes-up-to-the-world/ with the plan to do a 1-year portrait in spring 2019. Well, they’ve since been on some adventures and, as life tends to do, we all got caught up for a while. Still, we managed to sneak in a cloudy day stroll this fall, and I’m pretty pleased with the family portraits we gleaned from it. MJ is a true sport, ready to break-away and explore the gigantic world around her at every turn. I marvel at how having a child makes one re-experience the marvels of being a child. Everything gets to be new again. And as much as a parent, detail by detail, slowly introduces a child to language and learning, the child equally resensitizes the parent to all the wonderment and joy in the world. I can’t tell who is more excited to see the train go by in one of these pics. And in the one where MJ is dancing on the pedestrian bridge, you must know her folks are singing and dancing right behind me. I am in love with that final portrait of her – lost in her 1-yr old reverie, conducting the entire orchestra that is the city in concert with nature and all things MJ – from the comfort of her daddy’s arms.

You killed it Mary-Jane, such a pleasure to see you again.