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baby MJ : a teeny tiny newborn wakes up to the world

Welcome to life MJ!! What a cozy little world your folks have made for you! Carolyn & Grant, your biggest fans, (a.k.a. mom & dad) are making it their every moment duty to gaze into the wonder of your very existence and cherish every little sound, every little expression, every wiggle and every breath you take. They can’t help themselves. Because you are really something to behold.

Truly truly, every time I walk into a home graced with a newborn, I feel like I’m walking into a magic space. It is remarkable how a baby can transport their family, and really, everyone in their presence, straight into the centre of a moment. It is a fragile and electrically charged space of true love and pure gratitude. Absolutely fantastic to be a part of every newborn photography session. I count my lucky stars that I get invited to capture these precious and fleeting minutes.

Thanks C&G, she’s a wonder.