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tiny sleeper: pictures of baby Jacob

Welcome Jacob. You are a wonder. This is the second child in Laura and Joe’s growing family. Having photographed their Toronto wedding in 2014: https://knorthphotography.ca/blog/laura-joe-a-high-spirited-occasion-at-the-berkeley-fieldhouse/  I was honoured to be asked back into their lives to capture these portraits of real life with a newborn on the 9th day since his arrival.

This little guy needs his sleep. I hung out for a whole morning with his mom, placing him here & there, dressing him up, dressing him down, clicking away, and not a peep from him. Later his dad and big sister come home, house gets significantly louder, and still, not a care in the world – he loves his baby dreamland. Just a wee bundle in his daddy’s arms, or tucked under his mama’s chin, and even slumped and warily cradled in his sister’s lap, Jacob is a very content little guy. These are honest, easy, yet delicate portraits. I love this kind of a workday, just a shutterbug on the periphery of a new family, navigating the magical space that is a home with a brand new life in it. Just be you family – you are picture perfect exactly as you are. xo