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sara & justin

Okay…how is it that a bride who lives in Philedelphia and a groom who lives in New York City stumble upon a photographer working out of Toronto—who just happens to have grown up in Niagara, where the bride also happens to be from, who went to the same high school as the bride’s cousins (albeit a few years before) and who happens to have attended the same university as both the bride & groom—Waterloo U!!? Can I possibly have this story straight?

In any case, Sara & Justin and I had not had the occasion to meet until their wedding day—but as soon as we made acquaintances, it became clear we were a good match. I love Sara’s no-nonsenseness. There was total clarity around the plan and the details–and then all fun no fuss. Plus she’s a quintessential blonde bombshell with a contagious smile, which never hurts in the photo-taking dept. Dylin was quickly absorbed into the groom’s crowd and later kept the party going at the photobooth until dinner was on the table (photos to come).

I can’t get enough of all the pale, the blond with the long veil and the layers of white ruching in her dress, the white roses and crisp shirts, the champagne dresses and pink champagne shoes. Pearls. Fur. Total cuteness.

Check the grassy pics under cloudy skies. I’m in love with those.

Thanks for finding me S & J—it was wonderful to finally meet you!!