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ingrid & jay


I’ll say it again…I LOVE RAVINE!!!

This winery puts all the things I love about rural life: rolling fields and dense forest, rusty hardware and rustic furniture—big skies, together with the finer details that are too often overlooked: carefully designed flavours artfully displayed, the intrinsic beauty of a woodgrain, fresh paint to complement a natural patina….and of course a well-crafted wine.

And so, with their choice of venue and their obvious good taste, Ingrid & Jay put together a day that was poetically balanced with simplicity and grace:

a lawn ceremony, a sister/brother bridal party, white with delicate bursts of deep red, smiling children, a few tears, laughter in abundance.

Ravine’s food was, as expected, exquisite and delicious beyond words.

The doves were a special touch—a gift from the bride’s father.

But the best part, the couple, who both just lit up in each other’s presence—truly. Once again I am reminded why I love this work.

Thanks for sharing the love I & J.