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melinda & dan: a love story at the berkeley fieldhouse

An early day portrait session, a late-morning wedding ceremony, and a Sunday brunch. What a civilized celebration for two families just getting to know one another! One from Stoney Creek and the other from Utah – this was a wedding union across borders and a delightful blending of personalities over poached eggs and mimosas. Melinda is a bright soul of a human with a generous smile and an infectious laugh, which naturally draws everyone to her. And as the day progressed, it was clear how her personality became like a magnet drawing everyone in the room together in friendship. I just love how Dan looks at her – how he sees all of this in her and more – and then how his family becomes smitten, seeing him so in love. Super endearing moments, adorned with purple paper hearts and sprays of lavender and baby’s breath. A band of strings. A copper cake topper. Kids playing in the treehouse, and a tiny American gramma with her Canadian flag. The Berkeley Fieldhouse, as always, furnishes an event like this so wonderfully – with friendly accommodating staff, tasty offerings and delightful surroundings. I just love how the gardens in the courtyard have grown into this ‘untamed by design’ splendidness. The facade is slick, but still 100% Queen Street. Also, kudos to Todmorden Mills for sharing your wilderness spaces with us.

 Melinda & Dan, may life bring you all the fun and joy you so deserve. xo