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leah & leon: a lavish celebration at The Guild Inn Estate

A meticulously orchestrated event on a sunny Sunday in September…a long-awaited day to make every intention clear and put aside all of life’s complications, to say ‘yes, I bind my life to you’. It is not just a day packed with decor, with beautiful and shiny things, with words and signatures and long lists of details. It is a day with weight and promise.

So, just as this wedding day was characteristically adorned, with sparkle and shimmering veil, with shone leather and fresh petals, with presents and sparkling vintages, polished floors and white linens…it was also an exceptional day of pause and meaning. A day where the continuous forward motion of the clock was made to drag ever so slightly in the interest of savouring the moment.

The Guild Estate was designed for such a day. It’s long history of arts promotion and preservation. The restoration of heritage architecture brought together with modern design, backed by lush trees, immaculate gardens, and the tactful placement of a dozen repurposed archways and entrances. Stone, brick, iron, forest, flowers, sunshine, shadows, all nestled along the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs. It is a place of drama and realism swirling together in harmony.

Leah & Leon: their watchful glances, the long looks from one to the other, the balanced deliberation and the clear intention. Oh my gosh and the good looks!! Looking so fine in their fancy duds. These two made a hundred choices for their wedding day, but it remains clear to me, in their presence, and looking back at these images, these two did not lose sight of the principle choice they made in each other.

Wishing you both true love for life. xo