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julia & jose: a breezy summer wedding at Cave Springs Winery

Calling in all the love for Julia and Jose and their summertime party celebration!

This day coasted it’s way along like the path of the sun over the hazy border of the horizon.

Full smiles and festivities throughout the get-ready times and then straight into bridal party photos in the vines while guests arrived and became acquainted with the lilting ease of this open air venue.

Cave Springs is a wide expanse of grapevines and architecture perched upon the edge of the Niagara Escarpment – it has always been a favourite location for me, but now especially so with the recent (pandemic) addition of the bright and airy event space they’ve built onto the barn at the entrance to the property. It’s a wonderfully versatile space, and Julia & Jose’s wedding took full advantage:

The ceremony was staged in the yard overlooking rolling acres of vineyard and woodland on three sides, then folks retired to the patio for generously poured cocktails and popsicles to quench away the July heat. Dinner was served in the fresh white and lavishly windowed event space, where everyone had a chance to fully cool off and laugh along to especially well-curated speeches before heading back into the revelry of a barn party. More drinks and friendship huddles, twinkle lights and jelly-bone dancing.

Many thanks for the fun and the delicious cake J&J, may there be a million more celebrations xo