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bree & jonathan: wedding in rural Quebec


Two weekends ago I was brought to the green rolling hills of  south western rural Quebec to shoot a fantastic day of rollicking good times. I had not met the bride or the groom when we landed on the scene–but Bree, being the resourceful and clear-headed lady she is, had the whole day meticulously mapped out for us. Plenty to feast the camera lenses on: wire-monogrammed hangers for the bridesmaids, cutey-pie ringbearer in his royal blue and suspenders, sparkly slippers!, a dreamy grey boardwalk, collections of vintage bottles with bright bursts of colour, rustic barn boards and twinkly lights galore…my camera was jumping through hoops!!

A full-size school bus filled with two handfuls of wild ride chaffeured us to the local marina in Pembroke where we fired off some portraits looking over calm waters and moody skies—then took us onward to bright green pastures, the white picket fences of Northfolk. Barn party surrounded by serendipity. What an astoundingly beautiful landscape, nevermind the rain–the guests couldn’t keep themselves indoors there was just so much green to gaze upon outside.

The day was light and fun-filled, quickly dispensing with formalites and getting to the heart of the party–the party that had been established much earlier on by the groom’s entourage of full tilt Yahoos (I mean that in the most endearing way of course). What could anyone do but spend the evening trying to catch up with the fun those guys were having.

There was a fish in the cake :0) a speech wherein the bride had to bait a hook, a golf putting competition, something about swearing on a hockey bible of some sort, lots of kissing and other forms of public affection, giant spills of laughter and of course, a few fleeting teary moments.

I love our last minute bride & groom portraits in the lane–so glad we didn’t let the rain hold us back.

It was a real pleasure meeting you and your people Bree & Jon–wishing you a million more happy days!!