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meaghan & scott: Cave Springs Cellars & Inn on the Twenty

A rainy day wedding to follow up a rainy day engagement. If nothing else, the future for these two is definitely a squeaky clean one.

Usually I revel in the rain–it brings moodiness and soft light and gorgeous saturation to images, and who’s going to let a few puddles spoil the day? But this sky would just not let up. It was a heavy rain, followed by more heavy rain and then, maybe after a five minute break, more delightfully heavy rain. There was no getting out from under the umbrellas.

That’s why I want to sing the praises of Meaghan & Scott until the roof comes down.

How cool do you have to be to be this game? They must have gotten in and out of the car (and we ladies all know even that isn’t so easy in a long white dress) at least five times before we were even at their wedding venue. I asked them to walk down muddy trails, over roadside ditches, through tall grasses, into rain-drenched vines—all the while looking happy and in love. And they did it!! willingly! like brave wedding day soldiers, determined to be the absolute best of themselves.

Maybe it was that we had had some practice with our engagement shoot during the Toronto flood this summer—but I don’t know. I think these two are just up for whatever comes their way, and I must say, that is truly a very good way to head into a lasting marriage.

Meaghan has this timeless beauty that graces the camera–you’ll see. I love her choices: old world lace and raw silk, wispy bouquets, dramatic feather & birdcage veil. She’s all wow. In spite of the weather she never once looked withered. Scott, equally congenial, rolled with the day in style and arrived at the top of the ceremony looking ready to burst with happiness.

The whole splendid (if soggy) event took place at Cave Springs Vineyards and then Inn on the Twenty–which can always be counted upon for delicious food, excellent wine, and a truly elegant evening.

It was an unforgettable one M&S. Thanks again for making us a part. xo