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vrinda & ticu: an intimate hindu ceremony in Markham

Just a simple note is all this day needs.

The bride. The groom.

And a splash of family gathered in the bright light of the temple.

Keeping things close and uncomplicated.

Vrinda and Ticu are guided through the intricate stages of the Hindu ceremony. They savour sweets, they bless flower petals, they burn spices, honey and ghee. They gaze at one another. Ancient words are spoken. Their garments are tied together, they are bound with strings of beads, and they walk this way together in four circles. They take the seven steps of Saptapadi. And so on..

Each moment so steeped in symbolism, the air almost vibrates, yet there is pause for laughter, big smiles and the family puppy. There is time for a musical glitch, for a resmudging of the sindur, for sweet silence.

These images will describe the day in so much more living colour than I ever could with words, I will say nothing more here. Except thank you Vrinda and Ticu for inviting me into your special day.

Love & happiness always, xo