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vrinda & mike: a romantic elopement at Osgoode Hall

Meet Vrinda & Mike, next-door neighbours and newly-wed.
The two decided to forego the elaborate planning, decadence and expense of a big Indian/Italian wedding and decided to exchange vows in private. Luckily, Vrinda has a friend who’s mom is a judge! (If you speak with Vrinda for a while, you’ll discover that her whole life is pretty much one long serendipitous adventure.)

So they married, on a Tuesday, in Judges Chambers at Osgoode Hall with only their closest friends present as witnesses–and of course lucky me!!
What an architectural gem, Osgoode Hall, with it’s soaring spaces, stained glass ceilings and palatial columns–graced with these lovebirds, she in her elegant sari and he in his tapered vintage teal (courtesy of http://kingpinchic.com)–what an absolute thrill to shoot.
They were so gracious with their time too.
No schedule to keep.
No guests to indulge.
Just a whole lot of unceremonious playtime with cameras.
And I learned that they like to make-out in libraries too.
And really, who doesn’t?

So after a very fruitful portrait session we jumped in cars and sped east across our fair city to Toronto’s very humble Little India and landed at the Lahore Tikka House for some Pakistani deliciousness–nothing pretentious, no need for formalities; just some expertly crafted dishes and mango lassies for everyone.
Vrinda & Mike I salute you.
Happy happy wedded bliss to you both.

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