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michelle & peter: private venue in Yorkville, Toronto

A beautiful afternoon tucked in an elegant Yorkville hide-a-way.

Michelle is the owner and creator of Wildly Delicious fine foods here in Toronto (http://wildlydelicious.com/). A true foodie and connoisseur of all things delectable, she had the place hopping with platters of savoury goodness, endlessly rotating trays of mouth-watering rose, carousels of buttery-sugared pastry creations. I really had to strain to keep my eyes off the food.

it was a day full of layers though, so there was much to distract myself with: Michelle’s fantastic, crystal-beaded, vintage dress and the sweetness of the moments in which her daughter helped her into it; this remarkable glass house and it’s bubble chandelier; the landscapes of Jesse Ketchum, it’s weathered facade and four-square/hopscotch tarmac; the genuine-ness with which these two held hands and committed themselves to one another with an insightful appreciation of the many years they’ve already enjoyed together; the attentiveness of their two teenagers, Jaime & Alexander, throughout the entire event; and, of course, the dancing…

Oh the dancing! This house was transformed into a spinning maze for how long, I can’t say–but impressive, yowza. First the Hora with it’s circles within circles and time-honoured chair-hoisting, and then a Greek wedding dance involving the smashing of 100 plates and the eventual grinding down of the glass shards beneath the feet of the couple and their families.

Enjoy the action shots.

Wishing everything wonderful in your future ahead M&P. xo