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barbara & carr: an exquisite wedding day in the brilliance and beauty of Ravine Vineyards

When the summer gives us this brilliance, this unrelenting heatwave, brightness and blast, the only answer is to surrender. But these two, Barbara, better known as Basia, and her dear partner in crime, Carr—they know this.

They saw the cards dealt and they one-upped every hand at the table. These two are superstars. You have seen them before on this blog here: http://knorthphotography.ca/blog/basias-bridal-shower/ and here: http://knorthphotography.ca/blog/barbara-carr-an-engagement-shoot-along-the-yellow-creek-in-toronto/  and yes they are photogenic individuals, but there is more here at work. Barb & Carr have that very special superpower that allows them to let go, to put aside all the hang-ups and expectations and just be in the moment—even when the moment is weird. I mean, how often are we just hanging with our pals, in suits, on vintage couches, outside,  in the middle of the countryside? How easy is it to feel normal in 37 degree weather, under layers of wool and cotton, satin and god knows what else, having just rode an antique un-air-conditioned Rolls, windblown and dusted by an unpaved country road—then asked to smile pretty for the camera? This was one of those spectacular days that makes me feel like we’ve all lost our minds completely and utterly.

I love days like this.

The Prince of Wales was decked out and lavish with it’s gilded frames and strange paintings, bedposts and upholstery. That setting would make anyone want to jump maniacally on the bed.

The church was austere and also kind of iconic in it’s name being The Cathedral of St. Catherine in St. Catherines, and also being on Church Street. The ceremony steeped in meaning and history with it’s enveloping arches and finely-tuned orchestration—later we were told that Basia & Carr had inadvertently chosen the same church where Carr’s dad served as an alter boy many years back..

Ravine, true to style, ran things like clockwork, brightened all the corners and put an extra finish on every detail. The tent was immaculate, the tables laden with brass, garlands and  pink blooms. Signage everywhere, from the head tables’ script to clever remarks at the bar to the massive seating plan all laid out on an easel.

Antique couches and armchairs, a bureau, a side table and even an old turntable were arranged throughout the property, giving the whole scene a theatrical vibe. We brought the furniture even deeper into the vineyard just for a little extra drama; and oh how I love those scenes of the bridal party strolling between the vines. All that sun haze and glow.

The peony-laden cake, the blue-eyed baby, the dear exchange between the father of the bride and his daughter.

Thank you again B&C for the triple honour—I so appreciate your confidence.

Happy best and many many many more.


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