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shannon & mark

Another spectacular Niagara wedding!!

This time amidst the rolling vines of East Dell Winery–a truly lovely property of forest and vineyard with steep paths and winding roads on the edge of the epic Bruce Trail. Shannon & Mark decorated the vast space sparingly using white lanterns and yellow ribbon, hanging masons jars, barn board signs and hand made papers. Nothing flashy, just enough of a touch to make it special. The bride’s mom, being a professional hairdresser, was in the cabin doing her daughter’s hair, and I got lost in those moments for a while, watching them—wondering how many times had she done her daughter’s hair, how well must she know that hair, how it curls, how it cuts…

Then Shannon put her mom in the chair and focused on her hair for a turn–a twist to the tradition and an extension of the moment.

Guests walked to the ceremony site along the edge of a big green pond, in clear view of the cabin’s windows. So we were able to watch the ceremony scene unfold as the time approached—which was fun, if not a little nerve-wracking for the bride—there were some ‘raw fear’ instants as a I photographed her getting into her gown. Watch the seriousness in her face turn to smiles as she walks the path to her people. And her gown! so dreamy and drapey and perfect for the day–again understated and utterly elegant.

Then a flock of geese took flight passing over the ceremony in a raucous uproar of honking and the pounding of wings against air–nature setting the tone–a more perfect start to the day could not have been better orchestrated. See the look of ‘wow’ on everyone’s face–I love it!

East Dell is an utterly breathtaking place, with green horizons in every direction, I couldn’t resist  the urge to shoot panorama after panorama–please let me know if it’s overkill on the panoramas–I can’t seem to get enough of them.

True love, a roomful of loved ones, a dozen stories and a hundred laughs, a few tears, kisses and candy…what more could anyone ask of a wedding day.

Congratulations newlies!

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