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iris & mike

Ahhhhhhhhh love…

It makes the world sparkle.

Welcome to Iris & Mike’s splendid vineyard wedding on the spectacular Niagara escarpment.

I shot this day for a full twelve hours and there are just a million photos to feature here—I’m trying to practice some self-restraint.

It was just such a beautiful day–full sun, blue skies, birds singing, golden light upon every surface. The air smelled of ripe peaches and the grapes were almost bursting on the vines. The wedding was set to take place between the vines in the sprawling Cave Springs Winery, so while the decorators erected the billowing white huppa, we took the bridal party on an excursion around the grounds, shooting this and that and everything.

Iris already had so many great ideas from the get-go: ‘to-be-married’ t-shirts and newlywed underwear, a customized doorknob hanger for the bridal suite and “I do” bedazzled on the soles of her shoes. She is truly adorable. A genuine teary-eyed blushing bride–with a whole lotta game. It didn’t hurt either that both her bridesmaids had just tied the knot with Mike’s two groomsmen. This bridal party was like a team of wedding afficionados.

I really like Iris’s on-the-side up-do—and the snuggly way her and her mom are together. I’m crazy about the setting (I grew up there after all!!) the barn and the wine barrels and the many maple trees–and of course the exceptional Inn On the Twenty venue. The table settings were both elegant and playful with their storybook/Disney movie/videogame couples theme (one of the tables was named Pac-man & Ms. Pac-man!!), the box of truffles favours and ornate cut-out menus. Centerpieces of pale yellow and algae blue-green displayed in blue glass jars–so pretty!–and again with the playful: there was a book placed on each table with a question on it’s cover for everyone at the table to write an answer inside–brilliant!

I could say more. I would say more…but enough already, take a look at the photos.

Suffice it to say, it was a magnificent day.

You made a wonderful memory of it Iris & Mike.


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